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Single Family Portfolio

January 23, 2021
Single Family Portfolio

We've done it. 💪

We have been investing in Charlotte MSA for over 6 years and we are able to build up a small SFH portfolio that is located in high-gentrifying neighborhoods. Portfolio valuation increased by 47% in a short window of 3 years via effective renovations and tenant management. Although we started small, we learn and truly understand what it takes to be successful in the real estate space. We know real estate game is a people game, that is also why we work so hard these years to build a strong team, and surround ourselves with great people, and always seek to add values to others whenever possible.

As the local market gets more and more competitive, we decide to really step up our game and fine tune our investment strategies, and acquiring distressed small multifamily apartment complexes will be our next move. We truly believe if we execute our investment framework of "Buy Right, Manage Right and Finance Right" consistently and put in the work, along with our deep local knowledge over the years, we will get there eventually.

As far as our investment strategy for acquiring multifamily apartment complex, we will:

  1. Purchase the asset
  2. Rebrand the asset by changing the name and changing the signage
  3. Perform all deferred maintenance, and create a safe, clean and hospitable environment for our tenants
  4. Reduce expenses by partnership with 3rd party property management company, and achieve economic of scale with other properties
  5. Raise rents to market rate
  6. Refinance the property

In terms of our buying criteria, we like to buy:

  1. Class B and C type properties that contain between 30 to 50 units
  2. 8% cash on cash return and a entry cap rate of 5-6
  3. Charlotte MSA and surrounding areas
  4. Unit mix predominantly 2 bedrooms, with at least two 2-bedroom units for each one 1-bedroom unit
  5. Work with 3rd party vendor and bill back utilities (water & sewer)
  6. Deferred maintenance existing on the property
  7. Below market rents
  8. Vacancy rate higher than market average
  9. Located next to shopping and employment
  10. High expenses
Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen.

If you are a broker and if you have any properties that meet these specifications, please don't hesitate to contact us and have a discussion. We are a team of MIHs (Make-It-Happen), work with us and let's grow together!

We successfully exited and sold this portfolio in 2022.

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