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Investment Strategy

Our business plan for multifamily investment and keys to success

Buy Right

While demonstrating positive cash flow based on actuals, we buy under performing B and C properties ranging from 20-50 units and higher held back by poor property management and deferred maintenance.

Class A properties with systems in place would also be considered.  

Apply a stress test to all properties.

Manage Right

We strive for cash-on-cash returns of 8% and cap rates 6% to 7%.  Having a high rate of return in conjunction to equity built over time, leads to a sustainable wealth building multifamily investment.

Maximizing returns through forced appreciation, accelerated depreciation and effective third party management.

Finance Right

Since our strategy is long term focusing on cash flow, we are not into fix and flipping multifamily units.  

However, we have an exit plan using an IRR metric of 15% in place to be responsive to market conditions.

Using creative financing adds value to stabilize our properties while paying our investors, creating a secured investment on behalf of the banking institution.  Other vehicles include seller financing, repair allowances, an option to purchase, mortgage assumptions, and lower down payments and cost segregation.

Why Invest In Multifamily?
Cash Flow From Day One
We believe that no investors should have to choose between cash flow and appreciation. That’s why we invest in properties that consistently and conservatively provide cash flow, but with value-add opportunities that enable forced appreciation.
Why Invest In Multifamily?
America is becoming a renter nation
Housing trends exhibit strong demand for rental properties for the reasons of high costs to build new constructions, baby boomers are retiring and downsizing, millennials are not buying homes and becoming a generation of movers.
Why Invest In Multifamily?
Attractive tax benefits and policy incentives
By investing for passive cash flow, you are benefited from lower tax rates. In most cases, your capital gain taxes will be deferred through accelerated depreciation or simply by investing in opportunity zones, which allows you to create generational wealth with strong tax incentives.

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